Where is the Balance?

When Barack Obama says that he did not vote to send troops into Iraq, he is correct. The asterisk is that he was not in a position to vote since he was serving in the Illinois State legislature in 2002. Given the nation's attitude at the time and the overwhelming evidence that Saddam had weapons of mass-destruction, it is hard to say what the non-Senator would have done. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, so he can boastfully say that he did not vote to attack Iraq. Well, he did not vote for the Civil Rights Act either!

How did he become a US Senator? Few remember that he was about to face Jack Ryan (R) in the race for the seat of retiring Republican Peter Fitzgerald. Jack Ryan was the divorced husband of actress Jeri Ryan who played the ex-Borg Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, among other roles. Their divorce proceedings were voluntarily made public, but their child custody proceedings were sealed by the court to protect the children. When several media outlets sued to open the documents, it came to light that Jeri claimed that Jack had taken her to several bars so they could have sex in public (at least Bill Clinton kept his door closed.) After this untimely revelation, Jack Ryan dropped out of the senate race on July 29, 2004.

This was a mere three months before the election. Alan Keyes changed his domicile to Illinois to become the Republican candidate. (The-Asterisk question: couldn't they find ANYONE in Illinois to run for the senate?) Alan Keyes is an emminently qualified individual, but because he is well spoken and he does not waffle when describing his convictions, it was easy for him to
to be marginalized and with less than 90 days to campaign, was defeated by Obama 70% to Keyes' 27%.

Sooooooo, if Jeri hadn't claimed that Jack wanted her to have public sex in bars (makes you wonder how that conversation went) and if the courts had not gone against a standard sealing order which I am sure will harm their son, Obama would probably not be our presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. WOW! Talk about the law of unintended consequences!

Finally, I came across this web page at Sweetness & Light. If you were to just find and replace every mention of the word black with white in this article, there would untold media outrage at any politician that would associate themselves with a church such as this. In fact, David Duke could not do as well to find such a well spoken description of his beliefs. If you click onmy David Duke link and read the wiki page, you will note a familiar theme compared with Obama's church.

With all of this freely-available information sloshing around the Internet, maybe (hopefully) the Right and the right-leaning media are keeping their powder dry until the Hillary-Barack 'unpleasantness' has run its course. With way over 200 days until the election, there will be plenty of time and enough evidence to go after The Annointed One as soon as he wraps up the Democratic nomination. One can only hope that America will listen and react when the facts are revealed.


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