First 100 days

I think that the far left wing of the Democrat party is going to throw something extremely radical at Obama as soon as he is inaugurated and Congress is in session. It may be card-check, it may be some crazy gay marriage thing. It is really irrelevant what it is. I think he will bitch-slap the Dems with a veto and make a huge deal about him being the President of the whole country, not just the Democrats. This will give him huge street cred. The liberals will go on a rant and call him all sorts of names, especially in the blogosphere.

The 'asterisk' here is: will it be a ruse? Is Pelosi/Reid going to take one for the team to set him up as a centrist President for 'all Americans'? Will Obama allow his base to slap him around a bit to gain sympathy and support from the rest of us, setting up a huge sucker punch over the next three years?

My take on this is: Either Obama has been 'opportuning' himself for 20 years, being the ultimate shape-shifter... saying, doing and voting as he has just to get to the top of the political world and his acceptance speech tonight was the real Barack finally coming out, or he really, truly is the Socialist cum Marxist that he has wrestled with during this campaign to keep bottled up until he finally was able to fool at least 50% of the populace.

Bottom line: I vote for ruse/Socialist. I just don't trust him. Period.


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