Whirled Peas or a Really Cool Tablet?

Warner Crocker just posted his annual wishlist at GottaBeMobile.com.

I am an inveterate wisher, so I made a comment to his post that I liked so much, I decided to just post it here too. Click the link above and see if anyone else added to the discussion.

Here it is:


Best wishes with your wishes. My grandfather used to say "Wish in one hand and %$#^ in the other and see which gets filled the quickest."

For all of the absolutely horrible, unwanted products released into the wild, why can’t one company just give us what we have all been wishing for for over a decade? I read a statistic that 99% of all products released in Japan in a given year fail. What are these designers thinking? Do they test anything with real people? Do they read blogs? Do they even read their own support forums after they release a turkey?

I think not…

My perfect tablet would be big enough to simulate a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, maybe fold in the middle for carrying and protection and be pretty thin. It would need to have WiFi, IR and Bluetooth and have a traditional USB available for kbd, mouse, printer or whatever. It would absolutely require the ability to plug in a USB kbd to be truly universally usable.

It would have multitouch and be more like an iPhone, not an iMac. We need multitasking, but not a Mac tablet IMHO. Reaching all the way into full-bore computerdom would probably kill it. Let it run apps and be a killer web browser. The web will be our computer in a few years anyway. Embrace the love.

Oh, and it would charge off of the Bluetooth USB connector, Duh!

And… not be wrapped in skin-slicing blister packaging :-)

OK. Done. Easy, huh?



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