What is Obama's endgame?

This is pure opinion on my part, but I believe that Obama is trekking happily on the political equivalent of the Bataan Death March because he has something to prove.

You have seen people like the "crazy" preacher on the street corner in the tenderloin district, or others with a Quixotic air about themselves, who seem to revel in the fact that people don't like them and look down on them. It is almost a self-perceived badge of courage and honor. "If I piss off the right people, then I must be doing something meaningful" they seem to think as if that gets them a little bit closer to their promised land.

I truly think that he is brushing up his Bona Fides, proving that he can put it out there saying "Damn, the torpedoes... Full speed ahead."

But what is he aiming for? What is his goal?

President of the World.

That's right. Head of the UN. Bill Clinton wanted it, but never got it. If BHO got it, he would have bested a Clinton twice...

Remember, Obama is still a young man. He has many years ahead for himself, and he certainly doesn't want to have to 'work' for a living. He is proving that he can pretend to be for economic growth while camouflaging his lust for taxes. He can act like he wants to balance the budget, but he really wants to give the rich a 'haircut'. In other words, he is proving to the right people that he is a chameleon and can morph to blend in, yet stay true to his core beliefs.

Yes, even with control of all branches of the government, he still had to deal with the pesky legislators. If he was Sec. Gen. of the UN, he would have free reign with all of the easy votes he could get from despotic regimes and third world backwaters. The only thing he needs to worry about would be the permanent five members of the Security Council, specifically the US. I am sure he has a plan to change the charter, but first he has to be elected.

His four years in Washington is really an encoded message to the world letting them know where he stands and how much heat he can take.

The rest is easy...


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