Things I would tweet if it allowed more than 140 characters

As many of you know, I am on Twitter a lot... maybe too much. I find that it gives those random thoughts that collect in that spontaneous corner of my brain a place to go so they don't pile up and cause some sort of "thought aneurysm".

Well, a few things have come up lately that I cannot talk about in 140 characters or less, so in no particular order, here they are:

  • Most consumer product designs are shit. I am reading and have almost completed the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. In it one of Jobs' most common comments about products under development by Apple or by anyone else is "This product is shit!" The more I have listened to how Steve focused down on the most seemingly trivial details of his products (sometimes to the detriment of the final design), the more I am becoming aware of how horrible products are. Some are designed to sell but not designed to function. Others, I just don't think the creators care. We bought a Red Devil 'stick' vacuum cleaner to use to pick up small amounts of tracked-in dirt or spillings. What a noisy piece of crap. Feels like it is going to fall apart. The dirt cup and filter is a nasty mess and the sound will run away small animals. We blame it on the Chinese, but they build what we design, and let's be honest, American consumer goods were mostly crap before they were made overseas (see Chevy Vega).

  • If you believe Planned Parenthood, you will believe anything. After the latest kerfuffle concerning the Susan B. Komen for the Cure Foundation's rescinding their $9 Million grant to Planned Parenthood and then re-committing the grant after the media and publicity firestorm, I thought about PP's claim that their "women's health" practice is totally walled off from their abortion practice/business. That is about as believable as a pediatrician who sells kiddie porn on the side stating that "There is no connection between my two enterprises. The books are kept separate." Yeah, right.

  • Since my two golden retrievers are not allowed to participate in the Republican Primary Caucus, they decided to participate in a Carcass of their own, finding a deceased deer already picked clean to the bones down by the creek bed. The ghastly remains reminded me of a what a profitable small business will look like after Obamacare kicks in in 2014 and after all of the new taxes get enacted to pay for more new programs and our exploding deficit.

  • I read where the US money supply has tripled, with the Fed printing close to $3 trillion since March 2009. With this much money sloshing around in the US and in the world (since the US Dollar is still the world's benchmark currency) PLUS all of the juicing that the ECB has done in the Eurozone, where is the inflation? My recollection of the definition of inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods. If that is the case, then something doesn't seem right does it? Interest rates are near zero, manufacturing is just starting to pick up, if you discount for discouraged workers, the jobs figures are getting worse and the only prices that seem to be going up are commodities (gas, oil, food, etc.) Silver and gold are hovering at nearly the same prices as a year ago. Where did all of that money go? I think it went onto the balance sheets of large financial interests to prop up ghost assets in order to keep the house of cards (derivitaves) from collapsing. At some point, like a strategically placed hit by the yellow woodpecker in Angry Birds, it will all start tumbling down. Inflation will skyrocket and suddenly the US's $15 trillion debt will look like a rounding error. It can happen, folks. Remember Weimar Germany and its hyperinflation?
  • People make fun of Ron Paul and his fiat money, joking that it is something you use to purchase an small Italian car, but the more I read about the Fed and the US Treasury, the more I am convinced that the fix is in. Unfortunately, the fix is never permanent and the value of money always returns to the mean. Bullion and property are usually the only things that you can count on to remain valuable after a crash and, as long as you retain bullion in your possession (even hiding it), it cannot be nationalized like property can. My take: the 'fixers' in Washington are doing everything they can to get us past the 2012 presidential elections before they let it all rip. I believe that they feel that Obama is compliant as long as they let him have his social programs and that Romney is the least harmful of the current bunch on the Republican side. They now know Obama, so he will be their man in November. Remember, the really rich and powerful people care not a whit about political parties. At that level, anyone can be bought and political influence probably gives the greatest ROI of any investment one can make. Even gold and silver.


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