Does BlogPress do good graphics from an iPad?

I was presented with a question today about how to blog and include pictures, all from an iPad, so I am checking out my BlogPress app that I have rarely used, but which seems to work quite well for text.

So, here is a picture I took just after the derecho tore through Virginia in late June. This is a telephone line that was prompted by a falling oak tree into slicing an aluminum sign almost in half. As far as I could tell, phone service was not disrupted.

As for BlogPress, adding a photo from my iPad was as simple as adding one in Tweetdeck. Only complaint, is that I had a hard time positioning my cursor after the picture. Since Steve Jobs left the arrow keys off of of the keyboard in iOS, I don't quite know who to blame for this annoying glitch.

Oh, one other thing. The text at the bottom of the post is hard to edit, because the virtual keyboard flies up to cover the text I want to point at. But wait. This just in... I was using landscape mode. If I flip the iPad into portrait mode, it all works swimmingly.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Max P said…
Looks like even God is against arbitrarily low speed limits :)
The Asterisk said…
Actually, it looks like he (she?) may have been trying to make it 5 MPH.

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