Democrats and the "new way of thinking"

No, this isn't about hope or change. In fact, it proves that change is soooooo easy to say, yet so difficult to cause to happen.

Today Barak Obama won the Louisana primary, the Virgin Islands caucus and several other states. He is also expected to win the "Chesapeake" primaries of Virginia, Maryland and DC on Tuesday. Why is he expected to win these primaries and most of the South? Because the South has a lot of African-Americans (aka black people.) Hillary is expected to pick up Puerto Rico's primary because she is strong in the 'Latino community'.

If I proposed any sort of tendancy toward any 'community', be it African-American, Latino, Gay, TG, Muslim, etc., I would certainly be branded a racist, or at a minimum, a bigot, because I would be putting forth a stereotypical view of a group of people that have one specific item in common.

But, here, no one even gives a second thought about everybody in the media lumping 'these people' together. Are they saying that most every black person in the US is so simple that they have to vote for a person based upon the color of his or her skin? Are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Otherwise, why would every Democrat candidate for just about any office have to make the obligatory trip to the pulpit of some famous African-American church. (Note to self: I need to do a follow-up posting on separation of church and state.)

Oh, and let someone that is in a group not follow the predicted path and there is wonder and amazement at how they broke away from their community.

Are white people (whatever that now means) the only group that can fracture along lines other than skin color, non-Christian religion or sexual orientation?


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